APRIL 23, 2024

Pre-Conference Training Day

A full day of Phenom platform training sessions before IAMPHENOM kicks off! Our customers and  platform experts cover best practices for leveraging the platform to hire faster, develop better, and retain longer.

Content for Everyone

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Talent Marketers

Discover how to strategize, design, execute, and optimize talent marketing campaigns that convert.
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Learn how to leverage Phenom CRM to its fullest potential to expand your talent pipeline and win best-fit talent.
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Unlock efficiencies by effortlessly managing candidate relationships, streamlining processes with automations, and leveraging advanced search.
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Event Management

Take your on-site and virtual events to the next level by unlocking new ways to create, manage, and promote events seamlessly in Phenom CRM.
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TA Leaders

Take a deep dive into your data, analytics, and reports with Phenom. Find out how they can drive better decision-making, enhance data visualizations, and support adoption.
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Foster better collaboration between your TA and TM teams to improve hiring efforts using questionnaires, interview templates, and follow-up campaigns.
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Talent Management

Unlock the potential of your workforce using elevated talent management strategies that empower employees and revolutionize engagement, development, and retention.
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Explore best practices when configuring Phenom for your organization, including setting permissions, hiring statuses, and more.

Pre-Conference Training Day Agenda